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Catalogue 2017-2018 - page 16

The Shepherd’s Life - Softback
It started simply enough with a few pictures of Herdwick sheep on Twitter and just got out of hand. James Rebanks, better known to his tens of thousands of followers round the world as @herdyhepherd1, has produced a brilliant evocation of a threatened way of life. His family has farmed sheep in the remote valleys of Northern Lakeland for hundreds of years yet the culture that maintained them and that has so captivated the readers of his book has been allowed to fade into the landscape. In The Shepherd’s Life James celebrates that culture and brings it to life in a most compelling way. Not before time. There are only about 300 or so fell farming families left in Lakeland. When they’re gone they’re gone. This passionate rallying cry puts them centre stage where they belong - Eric Robson.

Softback 320 Pages - more
inc VAT

The Illustrated Herdwick Shepherd
James Rebanks’ tens of thousands of Twitter followers have been asking for an illustrated version so here are the photographs that captured their imagination bound together by the author’s unsentimental but moving prose.

Hardback 176 pages. more
inc VAT

Exploring the Lake District with the Furness Railway Tours
A beautifully illustrated guide to a lost railway age when the railway companies realised they could make money out of passengers as well as freight. They created a series of circular tours which allowed visitors to explore the Lake District as never before, tours rediscovered by David Mather in this wonderful book.

Hardback, 160 pages. more
inc VAT

Abroad - Eric Robson
Abroad - A Great Railway Journey Round the Lake District in the company of the mad, the bad and the dangerous to know.

The last time broadcaster and author Eric Robson made a Great Railway Journey of the World was for the BBC. It took him from London to the borders of Czechoslovakia changing trains 25 times on the way. This journey is much more of a challenge. Carlisle platform 6 to Carlisle platform 2 in the company of, amongst others,

-Wicked Jimmy
-The Vampire of Dent
-The slavers of Wuthering Heights
-The Frenchman who invented the steam engine
-Britain’s most cantankerous gardener
-A Tibetan Deity riding through a sea of blood
-The man who brought down the Roman Empire
-Mary, Queen of Scots
-Lambert Simnel the pretender
-The cast of Brief Encounter
-Survivors of ’The Great Dying’
-St. Bees Man
-A Polish millionaire with a flying car
-Assorted fascists, fantasists and obsessives

-Could be a bumpy trip.

Paperback 260 pp more
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Outside Broadcaster - Book

An Autobiography - by Eric Robson

For more than 35 years, Eric been one of the instantly recognisable voices of British broadcasting. In this blunt, humorous and indiscreet memoir, Eric Robson bites the hand that feeds him in a canter through the stupidities of broadcasting which he still can't bring himself to think of as a proper job. Hardcover: 215 pages more

Signed Copy Option 
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After Wainwright - Book
After Wainwright is the log of the Remote Lakeland walk. Eric Robson's personal memoir of his days on the hill with Britain's best known fellwalker, remembered during a 190 mile adventure in the mountains of remote Lakeland.

Hardback: 205 pages. more
Signed Copy Option 
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