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Annette Robson

Annette Robson
Annette Robson

Annette has been married to Eric Robson for twenty six years.

They met whilst working on the BBC-2 current affairs programme “Brass Tacks” which was made in Manchester.

Annette was a Production Assistant for seventeen years and had a fantastic and varied career working on travel, entertainment and feature programmes. She loved doing live television programmes and the excitement of counting “10, 9, 8.……..” but was also lucky enough to travel the world with Russell Harty, to work on “The Great Railways” and “Great Little Railways” series in India and spent two and a half years working as Production Manager on “In Search of the Trojan War” travelling all over Greece, Turkey and many other countries.

In 1986, following the birth of their daughter Lauren, Eric and Annette made the huge move to Crag House Farm in Wasdale in the Lake District where the steep learning curve of looking after sheep, pigs, cows, a bull called “Oliver”, hens, ducks and geese began. When, at the end of the first year on the farm, Eric came home with “Janet” (Eyton Lady Janet) - a 16-hand Clydesdale horse - Annette tried to put her foot down saying they didn’t need one of everything on the farm. It didn’t work. Eric came back from a trip to Scotland with a dozen in-kid Cashmere goats and a flock of Hebridean sheep!

Since moving to Crag House Farm, Annette has had two more children, Nicholas and Victoria, and for the last sixteen years has concentrated on running Striding Edge Productions which makes programmes for ITV and the BBC. Striding Edge sells its own programmes on DVD through trade outlets and has a thriving mail order business. It prides itself on supplying top quality DVDs, books and related “bringing the outdoors indoors” products and also on its good service to customers so Annette is very happily kept busy.

Thankfully, Eric has agreed to stop what was laughingly called “commercial farming” and now there are just a few sheep and pigs at Crag House to keep the land in shape and some poultry including Penny the house hen, as she likes to think of herself, who keeps the dogs and cats in check.

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