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Abroad - A Great Railway Journey Round the Lake District in the company of the mad, the bad and the dangerous to know. 

The last time broadcaster and author Eric Robson made a Great Railway Journey of the World was for the BBC. It took him from London to the borders of Czechoslovakia changing trains 25 times on the way. This journey is much more of a challenge. Carlisle platform 6 to Carlisle platform 2 in the company of, amongst others, 

-Wicked Jimmy 
-The Vampire of Dent 
-The slavers of Wuthering Heights 
-The Frenchman who invented the steam engine 
-Britain’s most cantankerous gardener 
-A Tibetan Deity riding through a sea of blood 
-The man who brought down the Roman Empire 
-Mary, Queen of Scots 
-Lambert Simnel the pretender 
-The cast of Brief Encounter 
-Survivors of ’The Great Dying’ 
-St. Bees Man 
-A Polish millionaire with a flying car 
-Assorted fascists, fantasists and obsessives 

-Could be a bumpy trip.

Paperback 260 pp

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Abroad - Eric Robson

A romp round the Lake District on one of Britain’s Great Railway Journeys